Easy and Effective Co-Marketing

Become your vendors' best partner 

  • Provide a marketing platform that your vendors MUST have
  • Increase sales by reaching highly qualified buyers everyday
  • Better targeted that almost any other marketing communication
  • Cost effective solution uses existing ads, promotions or blogs
  • Impress your vendors with excellent management information

Cost effective leads with total accountability

With today’s marketing budget constraints and suppliers’ ever increasing demand for accountability, ‘everyday email’ marketing will fast become the preferred marketing channel for every campaign. Email-Smart offers mutual benefits for you and your vendors:


  • Cost effective solution uses existing ads, promotions or blogs with no delivery cost
  • Makes everyone a salesperson whether sending an invitation, specs, a quote, warrantee information, customer service, maintenance or billing, everyone’s email will carry your joint AdMessages - centrally inserted.
  • Instant CT (click through) alerts tells you who is interested and extensive monthly reports to satisfy even the fussiest suppliers and management

"Your Ad HERE"

Your everyday staff communication with customers and fellow employees can now become a profitable marketing channel for every co-marketing campaign. Their messages and yours delivered directly to your best prospects in your everyday emails.




You are in total control

You can send the right message to the right person at the right time. You are in control. The Email-Smart cloud based portal provides you with the administrative tools to manage ad content and placement; create and schedule campaigns and control who sends and receives the AdMessages and how often they are applied. You can create collections of AdMessages which can be targeted at different companies, segments or departments.

With our customizable reporting package, you will impress your vendors with excellent management information – how many of their messages were sent, how many click-through were obtained and what your customers were interested in.

Contact us to learn more about this and additional services including full service management, Web-Smart for special landing pages offering dynamic individual recipient content at a fraction of the price.