Cost-effective targeted communications

Tailored for the needs of your business and business communities

  • Create dedicated Email-Smart campaigns for each department or special interest group
  • Target your campaigns at specific recipient groups
  • Run multiple concurrent campaigns
  • Administer campaigns centrally or departmentally

Segmented campaigns

Email-Smart allows you to create campaigns that apply to only the staff within a department or special interest group. This segmentation allows you to manage your communications more effectively and to deliver Email-Smart messages of more relevance to the needs of the department and the email community with whom they work and communicate.

For example your purchasing department may wish to setup Email-Smart Messages related to new supplier standards, “price-down” initiatives, partner promotions etc, whilst your sales department will probably want to send more sales-focused messages perhaps geared toward lead generation, benefits or sales promotions etc.

To help manage departmental needs, you can also assign a Departmental Administrator who can create and manage campaigns associated with the department. It means that you can have different Email-Smart messages and settings so as to reflect the exact needs of each of your departments. It’s almost like having a separate Email-Smart system per department except that it’s much easier to administer.

Targeted communications

Email-Smart really is one of the most cost effective ways of reaching more people with targeted messages.

By specifying Recipient Groups such as customers, prospects, partners etc, Email-Smart is able to dynamically select the most relevant Email-Smart message to insert each time someone in your organisation sends an email. In doing so, the system ensures you reach the right person with the right Message every time. You can associate a Recipient Group or Groups with any Campaign.

Recipient Groups can be set to:-

  • System groups such as ALL, INTERNAL or EXTERNAL
  • A custom group of Recipients such as Customers, Prospects, Suppliers or Partners
  • Specified email addresses or domains
  • A Department or multiple Departments (for internal Campaigns)

For example, the Sales Department may wish to create an “up-sell” Campaign targeting existing Customers. Using the Customer Recipient Group, Email-Smart is able to apply the “up-sell” Campaign Messages as and when staff in the Sales Department, send an email to any Customer.

And remember, once your campaigns are set up, it all happens automatically and dynamically, and for members of staff, it is totally transparent - it's business as usual.


Put Email-Smart to the test

Put Email-Smart to the test

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