Find out exactly who's visiting your website!

Tracking, alerts, reports and analytics

  • Unique click through link ID for each & every Email-Smart Message
  • Identify the email addresses of every respondent (who clicked a link)
  • Obtain an email alert every time a link is clicked
  • Measure click-through (CT) rates relative to Campaign data
  • Identify the winning Messages, Departments & Recipients
  • Export CT data for analysis and follow-up

Tracking IDs

So that you know exactly who is interested in your products and services, Email-Smart adds a unique ID to every link that is included in your Email-Smart messages. The ID is unique to both the Sender and the Recipient and allows Email-Smart to identify the email addresses associated with every click through and to provide comprehensive click through reports and analysis.

Click through tracking is available for both Text and HTML based emails. And with HTML emails, Email-Smart will also be able to report as to when the email was received and viewed.

Extensive reports

Once your Campaigns are up and running, you can view and export CT data from the Click Through report in the administration portal. You can also run comprehensive reports that allow you to analyse and cross reference data so as to identify the Campaigns and Messages with the highest CTR, the most effective users and Departments (those sending the most Message insertions and achieving highest CT) and the most responsive Recipients.

Lead alert Email

The CT Email Alert tells your sales team exactly who has clicked a link and shown interest in your products and services enabling them to follow up enquiries immediately.


Put Email-Smart to the test

Put Email-Smart to the test

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